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Stefiglass provides a qualified and rapid after-sales service, thanks to a network of expert and constantly updated technicians who are available to guarantee valid support for every need. 

One of our strengths is the seriousness and constant presence for the customer in the after-sales phase: our staff is available to guide customers in the use of the machinery
Our aim is to keep your machine in the best technical conditions to ensure the best operation of the machinery.
By exporting a high percentage of products all over the world, we are able to guarantee assistance on all continents.


Proper maintenance keeps the machines in excellent condition in order to have them in an efficient operating state.
One of our strengths has always been to make machines that require as limited and easy to perform maintenance as possible.


Stefiglass is always available to provide high quality spare parts, tested to guarantee a long life and to make the machinery with the highest performance official..

Our warehouse contains pieces ready for delivery, to help you reduce the time for maintenance to the bare minimum. Thanks to the knowledge of the sector, Stefiglass is able to supply spare parts also for machines of the other main manufacturers.
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