Macchine Butilatrici

Butyl Extruders


The controls of the K250 Butylator are designed to withstand intensive use without compromising on aesthetics and ease of use.

It is intended for small production of double glazing, the construction is simple and essential but at the same time reliable and versatile. The heating phase is rapid, about 30 min. The new hydraulic pump is very efficient and silent

  • Central pneumatic presser, Thermoregulation with PID control
  • Hydraulic unit with silenced pump
  • Double contact pedal for the processing of round and shaped profiles
  • Extrusion heads easily removable and adjustable also in height
  • 9 micron filtered anti-foam and anti-rust filtered hydraulic oil
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the conveyor belt
  • Magnetothermic protection of motors
  • Steel structure pickled and oven painted with epoxy powders
  • Silicone conveyor belt with working direction from right to left


The K700 SYNCHRO Butyl press has the blanks and butyl phases synchronized with the working speed and does not require adjustments.

The operator can however set the quantity of extruded butyl (g. X ml.) Change the start and end of the butylation on the channel, simply by intervening on the Touch-Screen. Extruders made of steel are hardened and chromed and are not subject to wear even when using CHROMATECH stainless steel profiles. The new operator panels from Omron are equipped with a touch display for simple and intuitive operating use, the realistic and captivating graphic setting makes them extremely functional.

  • Extrusion of butyl adjustable with manual device, Thermoregulation with PID control
  • Air purge valve
  • Automatic engine shutdown after 4 minutes of non-use of the machine
  • Sealing automatically adjustable in height for 6.5 and 8 mm channels (optional)
  • 9 micron filtered anti-foam and anti-rust filtered hydraulic oil
  • Compressed air regulation and filtering unit
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the conveyor belt
  • Web form for communication and data monitoring via network (optional)
  • Steel structure pickled and oven painted with epoxy powders

BK 100 LX

Easy to use, inexpensive and compact, they are the ideal tool for small glass factories that want to produce double glazing.

All settings such as working speed, temperature, activation of the blank holder, distance of the extruder, etc. can be controlled from the main panel, while pre-heating of the butyl can be manual or automatically programmed with a digital timer. (Optional).

Equipped with a manual hydraulic valve, this butyler guarantees a controlled and homogeneous extrusion of the butyl.

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