The automatic profile bender is suitable for bending profiles aluminum and profiles Warm Edge (Chromatech Ultra / Thermix TX.N Plus / TGI Spacer M) without any need for modification of the machine by the operator (and without modification of the bending head).

The machine can work shapes such as: triangles, trapezoids, pentagons, circles, curvilinear, or mix. Specific shapes can also be created. The machine can also work as a cutter. The machine can perform shapes and curves using both aluminum profiles and Warm Edge.

Profile Cutting Machine

These two models of profile cutters have been designed to make the cutting of the strips for the production of the double glazing easy, fast and safe. In both models all the controls are on the front panel.

For the N model, a convenient handwheel and a display help to set the cutting size, while in the S model, the multilingual touch screen PLC and the brushless motor regulate the measurements. Equipped with inverter for regulating the engine revolutions and with recipe software to insert the preferred listel types, our model S cutting board is the ideal tool for glassware with more complex needs, while the small N, with its ease of use and convenience is the right choice for small businesses.
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